[Speex-dev] DC component coming back after AGC

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Wed May 27 17:18:23 PDT 2009

I'm getting confused, what's the problem exactly? The AGC doesn't remove
the DC or it adds one?


Aymeric Moizard a écrit :
> Hi Jean-Marc & all,
> I'm currently working on a wav file with very low volume.
> This wav also contains a DC component.
> Using testdenoise with modification (AGC turned on with
> 20000.0 value) I'm able to increase volume, but a new
> irregular DC component appears again due to the AGC.
> (seems to increase at the same time the AGC gain is increasing)
> Using testdenoise again on the output, but without the
> AGC, the preprocessor remove the newly introduced DC
> component.
> Note that the input has really low volume which is most
> probably the main issue here. Still this is showing that
> using the AGC potentially introduce DC component? Any
> comment?
> Tks,
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