[Speex-dev] how to improve the voice quality (run speex on ADSP-BF533)

Young Free young_free at tom.com
Sat May 16 20:06:37 PDT 2009

I bought a ADSP-BF533-EZkit-LITE V2.1 to develop a speech codec application using SPEEX. I have tested SpeexEcho project from both BlackfinSDK-Rel201 and BlackfinSDK-Rel310. 

When disabling SPEEX processing, i.e. using PASS-THROUGH mode, the output voice is ok, which is exactly as the input voice. However, when enabling SPEEX processing, the output is bad, no matter how to set the parameters in the InitializeSpeex() function.
For example, we set: 
  speex_decoder_ctl(g_pvDec, SPEEX_SET_ENH, &tmp);
  speex_encoder_ctl(g_pvEnc, SPEEX_SET_VBR, &tmp);
  speex_encoder_ctl(g_pvEnc, SPEEX_SET_QUALITY, &tmp);
  speex_encoder_ctl(g_pvEnc, SPEEX_SET_COMPLEXITY, &tmp);
(the other parameters are preserved as default.)

Would you like to help me to solve this problem? or send me some renewed speech codec demoes can work better on BLACKFIN DSP please. 
I also noiticed that somebody met the same problem unsolved, see: http://www.blackfin.org/phorum/read.php?1,8138,8138#msg-8138

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