[Speex-dev] AEC troubleshooting

Greger Burman greger at mobile-robotics.com
Wed Aug 12 00:46:25 PDT 2009

First of all, thank you for your input Tim. That is very helpful.
I would love to hear from other people with experience of AEC and Speex.
I guess I have to split my question into to parts now.
Is it a fact that using the windows multimedia API (wave audio) for audio
capture and playback makes it impossible to do echo cancellation with Speex
AEC or other EC method due to inprecise timing?
I welcome comments from anyone who has got echo cancellation working when
recording through WinMM, DirectSound or ASIO.
What about the Speex echo cancellor and the different sampling rates. Will
it only perform well in narrowband mode (8kHz)? Does it not perform well in
wideband (16kHz) or ultra-wideband (32kHz) mode?
I read somewhere that you need a longer tail length for higher sample rates.
Measured in samples it will of course be longer, but it could be interpreted
as longer measured in milliseconds for higher sample rates. Someone please
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