[Speex-dev] Hi, I've got 2 problems about Speex

曲震 athertonmen at gmail.com
Tue May 26 01:37:02 PDT 2009

Hello! I hope this Email is still available.

    My goal is to cancel the echo caused by the client's mic and speaker through the Internet, which is also the aim of Speex.
    I have read the manual and the api reference, but still have some problems about the usage.

1. about function speex_echo_cancellation(echo_state, input_frame, echo_frame, output_frame);
    Parameters (input_frame, echo_frame and output_frame) refer to what kind of audio data? The format should be wav, mp3 or some other compression or uncompression formats?

2. about testecho
    There is a project called TestEcho. I suppose it's an example to show the users how to execute the echo cancellation. The testecho.exe has four command-line parameters, and three of them are .sw file. What is .sw file? Is it wav, mp3 or some other formats?

    I have searched through the manual and reference, and still suffer from the above problems. Please tell me the answers. Thank you very much!

Best wished!


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