[Speex-dev] frame size in speex

akhalife at uci.edu akhalife at uci.edu
Tue May 5 23:12:27 PDT 2009

Dear Speexers :-)

I am trying to change the frame size from 20 ms to 10 ms, I did that by
changing the value of the frame_size from 160 samples, to 80 samples in
the sampleenc.c file. The number of frames increased as expected, but the
size of the encoded stream of each frame remain the same! For example, if
I use quality mode # 8 (corresponds to 15 kbps), the encoded streams size
in bytes equals to 38 bytes per frame( 15*1024*.02/8=38 bytes). Now, if I
made the frame size =80 samples (10 ms), I was expecting the frame size in
bytes to be equal to 19 bytes, but I was getting 38 bytes too? Any idea?

I used the sampleenc.c and sampledec.c code available in the Speex manual,
I also printed out the var nbBytes to get the size of the encoded streams
in bytes.


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