[Speex-dev] speex + fmod

Tim Rijavec rico at gama.us
Wed Aug 5 02:33:47 PDT 2009


If you can in any way help me with integration speex encode and decode
system into the fmod it'll be really great.
I have the function in fmod that record sound from microphone and write it
to wav file "i can even play the buffer that is recorded"
What i need is that middle part ..
When i record the sound with microphone using fmod, i need do decode that
piece of bytes of sound and write it to file instead of writing uncompressed
I'm working on windows.
If you can in anyway help me, I can send you all the source that is needed.

Lp, Tim
| email: rico at gama.us      |
| www:    http://gama.us   |
| tel:    00386 31 457 627 |
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