[Speex-dev] endianess

Daniel Rosado dsrosado at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 08:34:06 PDT 2009


i'm using jspeex to encode signed little endian pcm 16bits data to speex, so
i can then publish it to a flash client.

On rtmp spec is said that is used network byte order, so in a speex frame
consisted in more than 1 byte, i guess i have to send it in big endian

By the source code of jspeex i see that when i pass pcm data as a parameter
to SpeexEncoder.processData they use it as little endian and convert it to a
float[] and only then the data is encoded to a byte[] of speex samples.

I'm only getting noise on the flash client side, and i though it could be an
endianess problem, doesn anyone have any suggetion?

I'm recording the pcm16bit data to a raw file and when i play it, i have
lots of noise.
I also record the speex data to a raw file but i can't find a way to play
it, any hint?

Thank you
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