[Speex-dev] Does VBR work for speex in non-float platform now?

Barry Song 21cnbao at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 20:09:52 PDT 2009

Hi All,
We are using speex for linphone in blackfin fixed point platform. The
speex version we are using is svn-14525. If we don't disable vbr by
"--disable-vbr", the sound quality will be very bad in linphone. But
if we disable it, sound will be perfect.

I noticed in the speex.org, there is a comment like this:
>Speex 1.2beta3 is out

>December 11, 2007

>The most obvious change in this release is that all the non-codec components (preprocessor, echo cancellation, jitter buffer) have been moved to a new libspeexdsp library. >Other changes include a new jitter buffer algorithm and resampler improvements/fixes. This is also the first release where libspeex can be built without any floating point support. >To do this, the float compatibility API must be disabled (--disable-float-api or DISABLE_FLOAT_API) and the VBR feature must be disabled (--disable-vbr or DISABLE_VBR).

Does 14525 still need this limit?  Has this problem fixed by the
newest revision 16402?


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