[Speex-dev] problem on Blackfin

Damien Guiserix damienguiserix at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 07:49:59 PDT 2007


i want to create a little program on BF533 EZ KIT Lite and VDSP++
the purpose of this program is to compress an input audio frame with speex
then uncompress it to get the audio frame on output of the EZ KIT

the input sample rate is 16KHZ and i can't get a lower sample rate with this

When i use a 160 samples frame  and narrow band mode--> i got a bad result
in output
There is many blanks and it is unaudible

and when i use a 320 samples and wide band mode --> i got nothing in output
and VDSP++ give me the following error message : "Warning! Buffer too small
to pack bits"

So if somebody can give me any help.


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