[Speex-dev] Speex echo canceller creating some problems. No voice coming.

Digish dgabhawala at varaha.com
Fri Sep 14 05:27:07 PDT 2007





I am new to speex so please redirect me to some links if the question is


Just for testing the echo canceller performance, I have added
mdf,fftwrap,misc,kiss_fftr,kiss_fft source files to my project.


Now In my multithread application when I receive packets from mice, I calls 

speex_echo_capture(echo_state, input_frame, output_frame,Youtput_frame)

 with input_frame as data received from mice(160 bytes as I am using G711
codec) and I send data out received from second argument output_frame.


Also when I get packet to play from remote(far) end, I calls 

speex_echo_playback(echo_state, echo_frame) 

with arrived data.


If I do not pass my data through these APIs I am getting voice on both side
correctly but when I use these APIs I am getting just noise on both sides. I
am getting packets on both side that is sure.


The noise is not just any random noise but its in the pattern of
silance-noise. Just like following:


Where [____-> silance ^->Noise]


Which seems to me as uniform.


I had just created an echo_state variable prior to creating these two
classes that manages Receive side and send side and I am using common
instance of echo_state between these two classes.


Am I doing anything wrong here? I have tried setting frame_size with 20,160
and frame_filter_length as 100,256,300 etc but I found no success here.


Can anyone please suggest me anything? I am using WM5 devices on both end.
Is there anything that this echo canceller will work with speex codec only?
Do I need to do anything special that I am missing? 



Digish Gabhawala [mailto: digish at varaha.com]



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