[Speex-dev] Contribution to speex

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Fri Oct 19 02:56:12 PDT 2007


Saad Nader wrote:
> I'm Saad from Gamespy who makes use of the Library for Voice over IP on
> the PS3.  We would like to contribute back some code that added/modified
> to compile and run on Sony's Playstation 3.  What would be the process
> to do this?

I'd say the best would be to post a patch first (even if it's very
rough) to the mailing list. Then we can discuss what's the best way to
merge it. I'm actually quite interested in PS3 support. I assume this is
for running Speex on one of the SPEs, right?



P.S. If it's too big for the list (100k or more), then just uploaded it
to a publicly accessible website or send it to me by private email.

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