[Speex-dev] about the VAD issue

lianghu xu lianghu.xu at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 21:21:20 PST 2006

>> /* FIXME: This VAD is a kludge */
>> .. and it shows (or hears?) unfortunately. I've run a few tests with it
>> with my users, and they complain that it misdetects too often... In both
>> directions. Non-speech is detected as speech more often than before, and
>> more important it also doesn't detect speech as good as before.
>> I'd really like to see this "fixed" in some way before 1.2.

>OK, it's good to have that information. I'll try to fix that before 1.2.


How about the VAD issue now?

I'd like to check  and fix it but don't where to start.

Could you give some clues?

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