[Speex-dev] understanding the vorbis noise curve in speex

Min Qin minster at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 10:18:59 PST 2006

Hi, all
  can anyone enlighten me what's the mathematical formula that are used to
compute the vorbis noise curve(convolution, filter, spectrum energy, etc)? I
looked at the new speex code, it is really hard to understand the
compute_curve function(because of some other functions that it calls).
And it looks to me it is not Psychoacoustic model II, which is well
  I checked the vorbis documentation and the paper: "Improved Noise
Weighting in CELP Coding of Speech - Applying the Vorbis Psychoacoustic
Model To Speex", but none of them memtions about it.
  Thanks so much

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