[Speex-dev] VoIP application together with open hardware design

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Thu Mar 9 04:20:25 PST 2006


I think Speex provides all the signal processing stuff you would need. I
suggest you start working on the hardware and all and then if you have
problems in Speex, just ask on the mailing list.


Le mercredi 08 mars 2006 à 19:53 +0100, nautilus.t1 at seznam.cz a écrit :
> Hi guys,
> I am starting project to develop open implementation of some (naturally open 
> codec) for simply designed embedded devices which can be used by small to big 
> VoIP operators or hobbyists which wants to build their own small and low cost 
> VoIP phone.
> Speex seems to be great choice. And greater will be if there should be some 
> guys who want to help ;-).
> Altought I am experienced in C/ASM programming I haven't so much experiencies 
> in field of voice processing codecs etc.
> Is there anybody who should want help me with this task? This is supported by 
> mid range operator from Czech Republic which is quite big Open Source 
> advocate and supporter and not only OS on the software "layer".
> If there is anynone who should help me (programmer quite experienced with 
> Speex should be GREAT partner for this project ;-)).
> Please send it here or mail me directly to the nautilus.t1 at seznam.cz or even 
> jochec at privatnet.cz
> Thanks,
> nautiluz
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