[Speex-dev] VoIP application together with open hardware design

nautilus.t1 at seznam.cz nautilus.t1 at seznam.cz
Wed Mar 8 10:53:15 PST 2006

Hi guys,
I am starting project to develop open implementation of some (naturally open 
codec) for simply designed embedded devices which can be used by small to big 
VoIP operators or hobbyists which wants to build their own small and low cost 
VoIP phone.
Speex seems to be great choice. And greater will be if there should be some 
guys who want to help ;-).

Altought I am experienced in C/ASM programming I haven't so much experiencies 
in field of voice processing codecs etc.

Is there anybody who should want help me with this task? This is supported by 
mid range operator from Czech Republic which is quite big Open Source 
advocate and supporter and not only OS on the software "layer".

If there is anynone who should help me (programmer quite experienced with 
Speex should be GREAT partner for this project ;-)).

Please send it here or mail me directly to the nautilus.t1 at seznam.cz or even 
jochec at privatnet.cz



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