[Speex-dev] problem in speex code

ahmed gamil a7med_gamil at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 10 06:37:55 PST 2006

  my graduation project is" voice over ip" and i want to make codec to voice with    speex-1.1.12 , i try to run it in my computer by" visual studio 6" but i have problems
  1-i want to get exe file to speexdec&speexenc(i found missing  files "glib.h, glibconfig.h, o gg/ogg.h,  glib/gmacros.h ,  ogg_static.dsp" when i found it i have errors in the speexenc.c or speexdec) 
  2-i want enter voice file to test it in my computer
  thanks for your help
  Ahmed Gamil 

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