{DÉSACTIVÉ} [Speex-dev] Using Speex on OMAP5910 OSK board

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Fri Jul 21 02:14:48 PDT 2006

> I have an OMAP5910 OSK board with C55 dsp and ARM9 processor. I just
> want to use speex as a simple application on the platform in order to
> check dsp's working well or not. 

Wouldn't computing a sine wave be much easier? ;-)

> 001. How can I test speex_C55_test.out or the program?

Can't help here. Read the manual for your tools.
> 002. I found the line "bitsFile = "c:\\speextrunktest\\samples\
> \malebits.dat";"  in ti/testenc-TI-C5x.c file. Does it mean that if I
> want to run the program on dsp chip, it must have filesystem to
> support it?

No. It means you need a filesystem to test Speex with this particular
example. The libspeex library is pretty much pure "math code", with
almost no dependencies.

> >> How I can use speex as a simple application on C55 dsp chip without
> filesystem?

You'll need to write your own application based on the sample code and
find somewhere to send the result (or discard it, but that isn't very


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