[Speex-dev] Using Speex on OMAP5910 OSK board

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Fri Jul 21 00:21:19 PDT 2006



I have an OMAP5910 OSK board with C55 dsp and ARM9 processor. I just want to 
use speex as a simple application on the platform in order to check dsp's 
working well or not. 


First, I found speex's source codes include "ti/speex_C55_test" directory so 
I thought speex could run on my platform well.

Second, I open "Code Composer Studio" and then open the project file in the 
ti/speex_C55_test directory, build it. At last I got "speex_C55_test.out" file 
in ti/speex_C55_test.


001. How can I test speex_C55_test.out or the program?


002. I found the line "bitsFile = 
"c:\\speextrunktest\\samples\\malebits.dat";"  in ti/testenc-TI-C5x.c 
file. Does it mean that if I want to run the program on dsp chip, it must have 
filesystem to support it?


So, my ultimate question is


>> How I can use speex as a simple application on C55 dsp chip without 


I'm totally newbie at OMAP board and codec. If my questions are silly, 
forgive me~

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