[Speex-dev] NLMS filter length for AEC

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Tue Feb 21 00:58:07 PST 2006

>        I have a query. I developed NLMS acoustic echo cancellation
> algorithm for real time voip application and using general purpose
> processor. Used more filter length (4096/2048) for NLMS and faced CPU
> consumption.


> With less filter length unable to estimate the exact echo signal and
> the quality of the speech also getting degraded.

It probably means you have too much delay between the mic and speaker

> Could any one please suggest me the filter length which can give me
> the better voice
> quality with echo cancelled? 

Normally, about 100-200 ms tail length should be enough.

> or any other algorithm for AEC better than NLMS but with
> less complexity?

Speex includes an AEC based on the MDF algorithm with an adaptive
learning rate. Should be much better (and less CPU intensive) than NLMS.


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