[Speex-dev] Static linking without C runtime dependence?

Steve Gibson steve at grc.com
Sat Oct 15 11:39:53 PDT 2005


I'm writing a Speex-based IP interview tool.

What's cool (and unique) about it is that since the goal is a perfect 
_recording_ of an interview, rather than a perfect real-time experience, I 
can afford to skimp on jitter buffer and redundant speech samples in favor 
of lower interactive latency ... and incorporate a speech sample 
retransmission protocol so that the receiver can ask the sender to resend 
any lost speech samples ... thus saving a guaranteed-perfect recording of 
the interview to disk.

Anyway ... to my question ...

I have built and tested the v1.1.10 _DLL_, but I would prefer to statically 
link a Speex .OBJ to my application.  The trouble with doing that is that I 
am writing the application in Assembler (my preferred implementation 
language), so I don't have a C runtime around for things like malloc ... 
which the statically-linked code apparently wants.

I could hack the source of the DLL build to create an independent .OBJ 
without C runtime dependence, but I would MUCH rather be able to use the 
standard source from the project.

Is there any supported means for creating a C runtime-independent .OBJ for 
statically linking into a non-C program?

Thanks very much!

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