[Speex-dev] tgAudioCodec.zip

Tom Grandgent tgrand at canvaslink.com
Wed Apr 27 05:32:20 PDT 2005

I am using the denoiser and AGC, but the problem persists if I turn 
them off (stop calling speex_preprocess() altogether).  Also, I have 
reproduced it on both a noisy system and a quiet system that hardly 
needs the denoiser.

I know what you mean though, I have heard similar sounds when pushing 
the denoiser too hard.  For example, doing 100x AGC, or trying to 
use an extension cord with my microphone.  Generally though, I'm 
very impressed with how much the denoiser can take before degrading.  
And I've never known it to get stuck in a bad state from which it 
could not recover.



"Dario Andrade" <dario at sinistro.net> wrote:
> I could realize that the denoise preprocessing used with the AGC produces a
> very robotic synthetic sound (similar to the samples you've provided).
> Sometimes even chopping whole frequencies, making it unintelligible. 
> When I turn off the denoise preproc, it becomes acceptable.
> Are you using denoise the whole time?
> Hope it helps,
> Dario Andrade

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