[Speex-dev] tgAudioCodec.zip

Dario Andrade dario at sinistro.net
Wed Apr 27 00:02:34 PDT 2005

> >
> > This time, I've saved the decoder's output.  I'm hoping that if you
> > listen to it, you might have some idea of the problem.  It sounds like
> > the low half of the frequency spectrum is somewhat ok, but the high half
> > is totally messed up, getting 'frozen' on these weird sounds.  (I'm
> using
> > wideband 16kHz only.  VBR quality 6, not using Speex's VAD or DTX.)
> >
> > You can hear the audio go from good to bad at 9 seconds into this clip.
> > At 32 seconds, I turn off the preprocessor and you can hear the weird
> > sounds still occurring.  Note that the loud noise is the background
> noise
> > always present on that PC.  The Speex denoiser does an amazing job. :)
> >

I could realize that the denoise preprocessing used with the AGC produces a
very robotic synthetic sound (similar to the samples you've provided).
Sometimes even chopping whole frequencies, making it unintelligible. 
When I turn off the denoise preproc, it becomes acceptable.
Are you using denoise the whole time?

Hope it helps,
Dario Andrade

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