[Speex-dev] 100% CPU usage

Tay YueWeng yueweng at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 23:56:51 PDT 2005


Thanks very for your speedy patched, I will try to 
patch it later and will let you know also.

> I think it's a problem related to how underflows are
> handled. What
> version are you using? I think I fixed the problem
> in 1.1.x and in
> 1.0.3. If you're using a newer version than that,
> then I may have missed
> something. As far as I remember, the problem was
> mainly on P4 (and P3?),

Yes, I am using P4 with speex 1.1.7.

> but the Athlon wasn't hit too much. Could you test
> on an Athlon see if
> the problem is still there (that would confirm my
> suspicions).

I don't have any Athon at this moment. But will try to
get one later.


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