[Speex-dev] speex voice seems to be bit breaking over long distance.

Steve Kann stevek at stevek.com
Mon Apr 18 08:33:25 PDT 2005

Tay YueWeng wrote:

>Ok, what you suggest sound logical to me. Currently, I
>have done a small trick to prevent this problem. What
>I did is that whenever windows request a voice packet
>from me and if I do not have the voice packet, I
>repeat the previous packet. Hence, all the breaking
>portion is filled with previous packet. This trick
>seems to work so far. I am not sure what is the side
>I think jitter buffering is more correct way to solve
>this problem but I think this is not so easy. Is there
>got any source code to reference from?
There's a jitterbuffer included in libspeex. There's also an 
implementation you can look at as part of asterisk and iaxclient 


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