[speex-dev] Error in compiling Speexdec code (Speex-1.1.5code)onWindows usingVC++6.0

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Fri May 14 04:04:51 PDT 2004

Re: [speex-dev] Error in compiling Speexdec code (Speex-1.1.5 code)onWindows usingVC++6.0If you use directshow on CE, that should give the ability to play most files that can be played on normal windows platform... i haven't used it much as i don't have a pocketpc to play with, but here is a good place to start (URL may get broken)

If your player is based on directshow it should be able to use my filters pretty easily. Also wrt to mp3, my understanding could be wrong but if you use the mp3 components in directshow the royalty has already been paid by microsoft, so that shouldn't be an issue (i am not a lawyer though !) though if it's for philosophical reasons then yeah open - source is nice.

I have no specific implementation for pocketpc, but from what i understand the CE version exposes most of the same stuff, and i know i've seen the docs for most of the functions i use in the ce docs when searching. But like i say, i'm not 100% sure that they are completely compatible as i don't have one to test with.

You could maybe try the microsoft newsgroups for directshow to see if someone knows for sure.

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<p>  Thanks a lot Zen. Basically I'm trying to create a Speex decoder for Pocket PC. Actually I've already implemented an application

  for (talking phrasebook) Pocket PC using .NET CF. Now in that app I'm using XAudio MP3 decoder to play MP3 files from within my application.

  My doesn't have a player GUI, I'm just using the MP3 decoder programmatically from within my app. 

  Now since MP3 have licensing issues, I'm trying to resort to an open-source format that would be useful in the long run.

  Moreover, MP3 is better suited for audio while Speex is better for speech, which is my primary objective. 

  So, I'm trying to create a Speex decoder, which would play my Speex files bundled with my application in a similar manner that of the MP3 files. Speex would not only be an licensing free investment but will also cut down on the file size vis-à-vis MP3.

  If you have any such implementation w.r.t Speex for Pocket PC that I can programmatically manage from within my app, it'd be simply great. Any pointers on Speex decoders for Pocket PC and Palm would be simply great.

  Thanks & regards, 

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