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miguel.gomes miguel.gomes at netcabo.pt
Fri Mar 26 06:45:02 PST 2004

Using speexenc applicantion (provided in the Speex site) when I try to encode a wav file less than 12,5KHZ in wideband mode it warns that I should do it in narrowband but the time it takes to encode and the final encoded file size are bigger if I use narrowband. The sound quality after decoding seems to be the same. What is the advantage of using narrowband?
Miguel Gomes

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        I have already posted this in vorbis-dev... just thought i'd drop a quick
        note here for those who only read speex-dev.
        I am developing some directshow filters for windows, currently speex and
        vorbis are supported. With some limitations... search out the thread in
        vorbis-dev if you are interested. After yo install media player and any
        directshow apps can play vorbis and speex media (main limitations now are no
        seeking or progress bar)
        You can check them out here.
        Source will be released at a later date.
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