[speex-dev] Speex Codec Compatibility Windows / Linux

Christian Buchner Christian.Buchner1 at epost.de
Mon Mar 1 02:05:20 PST 2004

> Then I switched to GnomeMeeting under Suse Linux 9.0. I could not get
> a voice connection working using the Speex codecs. A normal voice codec
> negotiation is done and the result is that no matching codecs are found!

This is due to the fact that Netmeeting uses a custom RTP encapsulation
if using third party codecs (like Speex is to Netmeeting). Since Netmeeting
does not know much about the codec's inner working and assumes it is
a "black box".

If GnomeMeeting was drafted using the Speex RTP payload spec from the
RFC, it will not be compatible, unfortunately.

Basically, getting Netmeeting with the ACM codec and GnomeMeeting to
interoperate will requires some compatibility hacking in GnomeMeeting and
knowledge about how the ACM codec packages its payload. The source
for the ACM is available.

Also note that Jean-Marc is not responsible for the quirks in the ACM.
That would be me. ;)


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