[speex-dev] Speex Codec Compatibility Windows / Linux

Dierk Brunner dierk.brunner at geigerbrunner.ch
Mon Mar 1 01:17:18 PST 2004

Hi all

I have a problem using the Speex voice codecs when using GnomeMeeting
on one side and NetMeeting on the other side. I use GnomeMeeting under
Suse Linux 9.0 to communicate with a friend working under Windows XP
and using NetMeeting 3.0.

Under Windows XP / NetMeeting we have installed and registered the
Speex voice codec. (You can find more information how we have
registered the Speex codec under Windows and within NetMeeting at

We have selected the Speex codecs (as "user defined codec" in NetMeeting)
on our two computers (running Windows XP) under NetMeeting and the
VoIP connections did work fine.

Then I switched to GnomeMeeting under Suse Linux 9.0. I could not get
a voice connection working using the Speex codecs. A normal voice codec
negotiation is done and the result is that no matching codecs are found!

Why are the equal Speex codecs not recognized as being equal? Is it
possible to fix this behaviour? Someone told me that this might have
something to do with the headers of the codec files (WAV format on
Windows XP).

Currently I do not have any idea how I can get GnomeMeeting and
NetMeeting to communicate with each other using the Speex voice
codec! All other available codecs do not have the quality or bandwidth
I need! Speex is clearly my preferred voice codec!

I would be glad if anybody could help me with this problem! Thanks!



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