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Mike Winter (Miwin) mike.winter at miwin.co.uk
Sat Feb 25 16:41:27 PST 2012


Sorry – I have just signed up for speex-dev, because I am experiencing some problems – I hope you can help!

I have used Speex before in the past, and I am just revisiting it for a new project. I am experiencing a few issues, however:
I have various Windows machines (either XP or Win7)
I have got Speex for Windows 1.0.5 installed
On one XP (SP3) machine, all works fine – including speex encoding from command line (eg c:\speexw\speexw mywav.wav mywav.spx")
On Win7 machine playback and encoding works OK as well.

I have a new XP (SP3) machine however, that when I install the codec (running Speexw.exe version 1.0.5), it causes errors to occur – such as “rundll32.exe – Application Error – the application failed to initialize properly...”), and the PC becomes un-useable. If I restart the PC, it will not re-enter Windows (I have been able to recover the PC by removing the Hard Drive and installing as slave device in another PC and manually deleting the c:\Speex folder, and also deleting from C:\Windows\System32 folder.

I have tried downloading other Speex codecs (Xiph.org Open codecs 0.85.17777), but whilst this installs and doesn't cause my PC to crash, it doesn't play my spx files (sound1.spx) (generated using speex from my 1.05 install on Windows 7). I have found however that it will play a spx file that I have downloaded (e.g. attached female_scrub.spx). This file DOES NOT play on my Windows 7 PC (using Speex for windows 1.0.5)

I have a couple of questions then ;
1    Is there different standards of spx files that makes spx files incompatible with different codecs? I am not too bothered if there is, only if I can get my target PC to play spx file that I generated on my Windows 7 machine.
2    Is there a newer ‘Speexw.exe’ which will install on my new target win XP machine and not cause it to crash? I have had a look through the Speex.org web-site and haven't been able to locate it

I hope someone out there is able to help with this – so far it has cost me about 2 days, including re-installing windows once !

Thanks for any help


Mike Winter 
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