[Speex-dev] Strange commented code in Echo canceller: a bug ?

Frédérik Rouleau frouleau at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 06:36:39 PST 2012


I was reading the git code of the AEC part when I was disapointed by the
code line 1189 in file libspeex/mdf.c:

      /* If filter isn't adapted yet, all we can do is take the far end
signal directly */
      /* moved earlier: for (i=0;i<N;i++)
      st->last_y[i] = st->x[i];*/

This code from function speex_echo_cancellation() is supposed to have been
moved earlier but I cannot find where. All the search I have done conclude
that when AEC is not adapted the last_y[] vector is not updated.

Am I missing something or is it a bug ?

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