[Speex-dev] Using Speex Echo Canceller

Christopher Adoremos chrisadoremos at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 02:38:57 PDT 2010


Is it possible to use only the speex echo cancellation module w/o using the
speex codec?

Here's the scenario:
1. I have my voice recorded in PCM audio file format
2. I want to cleanup the recorded voice by removing any echo included in the
audio file/buffer
3. can I just use the ff APIs?
   - SpeexEchoState* speex_echo_state_init()
   - int speex_echo_ctl()
   - void speex_echo_capture()
4. then, will it be possible to encode the output buffer from
speex_echo_capture() to any codec?
    Like G711? GSM? etc....

I'm quite new to audio format concepts/development, so if you have any ideas
your advice is highly appreciated..

Thanks in advance
Chris A
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