[Speex-dev] Speech/signal processing (DSP design)

Soon Chao Yian chaoyian at nus.edu.sg
Wed Sep 8 23:20:59 PDT 2010


I am a National University of Singapore Student embarking on my Final Year Project, and I am attracted to the Speex Projects. Would you mind getting me started with, probably some guides or manuals on few or all of the following titles:

Improve noise suppression (get rid of musical noise) and residual echo suppression
Improve packet-loss concealment (PLC)
Re-write the built-in voice activity detector (VAD)
Improve the 2.15 kbps vocoder mode (there are even 4 unused bits left to use)
Algorithmic optimizations (see if some searches can be simplified/approximated)

Your help is duly appreciated.

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