[Speex-dev] Acoustic Echo Canceller Implementation

Alexandre Bento Leal msbleal at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 06:32:17 PDT 2010

I'm working in an audio and video laboratory that is developing a
video-conference software. We are in trouble with Echo Acoustic.
So I found speex and it's supposed to be implemented the canceller there.
But I didn't find it helpful for windows - our software will run in Vista or

Do you have an Acoustic Echo Canceller implemented to windows?
If not, do you know another tool or codec that can help me with that?

Obs: It's an Universitarian Project - Federal University of Rio Grande do
Sul - Brazil.

Thanks for your atention.


Alexandre Bento Leal

Graduando em Engenharia de Computação - UFRGS
Membro PRAV - Projetos em Áudio e Vídeo
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