[Speex-dev] C++ VoIP/Audio Expert Required

Kavan Seggie kavan at saymama.com
Sat Oct 23 05:57:27 PDT 2010

Job name: C++ VoIP/Audio Expert

Development of a Video Chat Browser Plugin - in particular taking
responsibility of the audio part of the plugin (i.a.
encoding/decoding, RTP transport, packetisation, accessing and
controlling audio output and input devices).

Required Skills:
 - C++, Boost
 - experience with VoIP/audio streaming
 - theoretical knowledge of: AEC, AGC, ANC
 - theoretical knowledge of most common audio codecs: G.7XX,
psychoacoustic model-based (AAC, MP3), speech codecs (CELP, Speex)

Highly beneficial:
 - either Mac OSX or Windows SDK dev experience
 - cmake exp
 - gtest/gmock exp
 - exp with browser plugins

This is an excellent opportunity for a strong programmer to join a
growing Rockstar dev team on a long term project.

About the company:
SayMama is a next generation communications business developing unique
and exciting technology that will be used by millions of people.


Please contact kavan at SayMama.com

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