[Speex-dev] transcoding G.711 (u-law) to Speex

Pavel Pavlov pavel at summit-tech.ca
Sat Oct 30 07:05:15 PDT 2010

> Hi folks.
> The jspeex library has classes for converting speex to pcm and vice-versa. I
> also have other code that converts from G.711 to pcm (and vice-versa).
> I want to transcode G.711 to speex, using an input stream. Can I accomplish
> this in one step, or must I go G.711 -> PCM -> Speex? If possible in one step,
> is there some example code I could look at for reference?
> Thanks!

Do g711->pcm->speex. G711->pcm perhaps takes 1000 less cpu time than the pcm->speex step, so, I wouldn't even bother about 0.1% speedup if it take more than 15 minutes of coding.

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