[Speex-dev] Hello, my AEC outputs weird distortions when it cancels

Omer Gilad omer.gilad at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 00:31:52 PDT 2010

I'm using speex AEC in a VoIP application in Android.
So far it works well and cancels phone speaker echo, except that sometimes,
when it cancels the signal, it introduces weird and loud distortions, which
sound like "pak" - exactly on top of the cancelled signal.

I'm using the latest downloadable revision from the Speex website (1.2rc1 i
think). I used the echo_diagnosis script AND the testecho programs, and when
I give them the same input\echo signals that the echo canceller got
(aec_rec.sw and aec_play.sw), they don't produce these distortions.
Also, I've tried on different devices and found that it happens more when
the recorded signal is louder than the echo signal (after examining in
I'm using the speex_echo_cancellation API by the way.

I would appreciate any help!
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