[Speex-dev] Denoise causing drain pipe effect in audio

Steve Kann stevek at stevek.com
Sat Jun 5 06:48:43 PDT 2010

On 6/5/10 12:17 AM, Steve Underwood wrote:
>>> Although the
>>> constant background noise is reduced but using denoise introduces a
>>> weird effect in the audio which can be described as 'Drain Pipe'
>>> effect.
>>> Has anyone faced a simiar issue with the denoise. If yes how did u
>>> manage to solve it or reduce this effect.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Gurinder
> I've never heard a single mic denoiser that doesn't sound best in the
> "off" position. :-)
When I first started using the speex denoiser (probably 5 years ago), it 
made useful the signal I got from many laptops.  Without the denoiser, 
all you heard was CPU fans and whooshing air;  with the denoiser, you 
could hear people's voices clearly.

This was especially apparent on powerbooks.  Nowadays, the apple audio 
stack may do some kind of denoise for you (only because the signal used 
to be unusable without it), but it worked great against that kind of 


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