[Speex-dev] Denoise not working for me

Gurinder Singh gurindersm at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 21:57:24 PST 2010


I am trying to use the Denoise option of speex but unable to do so
successfully. I would really appreciate if some one could help me and
identify what exactly wrong i am doing...

I am using below code to perform denoise.

//Initialize speex preprocess state and set the denoise option

int nEnable = 1;

                        SpxPreprocessState =
speex_preprocess_state_init(160, 8000); //20ms audio at 8000 bps

speex_preprocess_ctl(SpxPreprocessState, SPEEX_PREPROCESS_SET_DENOISE,

//Run the preprocess on the buffer captured before encoding

speex_preprocess_run(SpxPreprocessState, (short*)pbBuffer);


I dump the output of the buffer after calling speex_preprocess_run and play
it using some media player tool but I dont hear any audio as if the complete
audio has been removed. Am i following the right steps, is there else i need
to do along with the steps i have written above.


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