[Speex-dev] Compile/Build Speex on iPhone

Clifton Craig clifton.craig at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 19:16:50 PST 2010


I am completely new to Speex and make files but I'm looking to build/ 
run Speex on the iPhone for decoding and potentially encoding. I've  
read that you can just copy the source into an XCode project which I  
tried but I started getting all kinds of compile errors. (1000+) There  
were things like missing references to ogg header files and so forth.  
Could someone explain exactly which files to copy into XCode? I  
couldn't find the ogg.h file (mentioned in one of the compile errors)  
in the speex download either. Are there other dependencies? Thanks in  

Clifton Craig
Software Engineer
clifton.craig at gmail.com

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