[Speex-dev] Simple example of decoding streaming audio realtime?

B. Mitchell Loebel multinode at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 30 15:24:19 PDT 2010

Hello Conrad:

I've watched your email conversations re porting Speex stuff to 
Cocaa. I think the guys who arrogantly responded to you were way out 
of bounds. Some of the Open Source guys and Unix guys, too think they 
shit ice cream. Its an old story.

Take care.

At 10:53 AM -0400 4/30/10, Clifton Craig wrote:
>That's exactly what I was looking for. I just got finish trying 
>several attempts at porting libfishsound to XCode/CocoaTouch land 
>but am facing dependency issues on the other xiph libraries. 
>(liboggz, libvorbis, libflac, etc.) Rest assured I know what the 
>issues are and how to address them. I am at a fork here. I can 
>either port the bulk of the xiph libraries to XCode or continue on 
>my original path trying to get just Speex and libogg running and 
>with my original progress either approach appears equal in terms of 
>effort. I should also add that my original comment, being 
>uncomfortable with C, really applies to more than just C. I'm 
>uncomfortable with everything that goes along with C... the 
>configure scripts, the make files, the dependency resolution. What 
>I'm really looking for is somebody who has taken the battle scars 
>and trail-blazed a path into XCode/CocoaTouch. At any rate I 
>appreciate your help. Thanks again.



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