[Speex-dev] Silence when turning the agc on

danflu at uninet.com.br danflu at uninet.com.br
Tue Mar 17 13:39:36 PDT 2009

Please help...

I'm using speex 1.2rc1 and noticed when setting agc on (code
below) the sound simply 'disappear'

int opt = 1;
speex_preprocess_ctl(m_pState, SPEEX_PREPROCESS_SET_AGC,

I looked inside speex preprocess.c file and noticed that
this call produces a flag that calls a function named 

static void speex_compute_agc(SpeexPreprocessState *st,
spx_word16_t Pframe, spx_word16_t *ft) and somewhere inside
'speex_preprocess_run' function there is:

if (st->agc_enabled)
    speex_compute_agc(st, Pframe, st->ft);

So maybe this function is making something that is muting
the signal... or maybe I'm doing something wrong...Am I
missing some flag that should be set ?? could you please
help me ? 

by the way... the agc_level is 8000 (default)

Thank you very much,

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