[Speex-dev] Speex AEC for Coldfire

Paul Anderson paulusanderson at operamail.com
Sun Jun 21 02:25:16 PDT 2009

Hi Guys,

I'm attempting to use the libspeexdsp component with a Coldfire M5329. I've downloaded the speex-1.2beta3 and configured using the following:

./configure --host=m68k-uclinux --prefix=/home/uclinux/uClinux-dist --enable-fixed-point LDFLAGS='-Wl,-elf2flt'

The library builds fine (or appears to) an is placed in the subdir 'lib' of the prefix shown above; my routine does pick up all functions from the library, again and builds fine, however when the function 'echo_state=speex_echo_state_init(FRAME_SIZE, 10*FRAME_SIZE);' is executed, the software hangs - as far as I can tell it's getting to the routine in mfc.c, but hangs when it actually does anything. I also have the following:

#define FRAME_SIZE 320
SpeexEchoState *echo_state;

I think that I'm probably doing something silly or missing a simple point, but I can't find much on Coldfire in the archives. I have seen from the manual that it is 'known' to work with Colfire, is there an app note similar to that of configuring with Blackfin?. Any help from anyone who has acheived working with Coldfire would be greatly appreciated.


Paul Anderson

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