[Speex-dev] Resampler saturation, blackfin performance

Stephane Lesage stephane.lesage at ateis-international.com
Thu Jun 18 10:48:30 PDT 2009


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> > - are there buffers who could be placed in scratch memory ?
> > (I don't see any speex_scratch_alloc inthere)
> I don't understand your question.

speex_alloc_scratch() is used only in nb_celp.c, 
and sb_celp.c re-uses the stack from the nb en/de-coder.

But the echo-canceller and preprocessor don't use it.
I suppose they also have some scratch buffers.
(comments in SpeexEchoState_ structure mdf.c)
But you allocate them with speex_alloc instead of using the VARDECL/ALLOC macros.

Converting the code to the stack_alloc mechanism could result in better performance with a scratch buffer in SRAM.

I think I can do it for mdf.c, but I would need information for preprocess.c.

Stéphane LESAGE
ATEIS International

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