[Speex-dev] AEC question

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Jan 28 04:17:39 PST 2009

Daniel a écrit :
> I noticed in the AEC module documentation that I can set the sampling 
> rate and the frame size (in samples), but I found nothing regarding to 
> the number of channels, no SET and no GET...

The number of channels is set right at init time using
speex_echo_state_init_mc() instead of speex_echo_state_init(). You need
rc1 for that.

> So, I 'd like to know how I setup the channel's count on AEC.. if the 
> buffer passed to the echo cancellation function should be mono or stereo...

It's mono by default (if you use speex_echo_state_init()).

> Another question:
> Is there a preferred sampling rate where the AEC algorithm works better ?
> The frame size should be between 10-20 ms, right ?

The AEC has received more testing at 8 kHz, but it should work at other
rates, up to 48 kHz. However, for the *fixed-point* version, I recommend
8 kHz because the other rates have received no testing.


> Thank you very much,
> Daniel
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