[Speex-dev] echo_cancellation_api

danflu at uninet.com.br danflu at uninet.com.br
Fri Jan 30 10:44:10 PST 2009


I'm looking at speex rc1 echo_cancellation API docs and I
found there is now a funcion for doing decorrelation:

void speex_decorrelate(
  SpeexDecorrState *  st,  
  const spx_int16_t *  in,  
  spx_int16_t *  out,  
  int  strength)

How does it fit to the speex_echo_cancellation function ?

When removing echo from multiple channels I need to
decorrelate the input mic first and then put the
decorrelation output in the rec parameter of
speex_echo_cancellation ? I didn't get the point on how to
connect these blocks together (decorrelation and echo

Thank you very much,

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