[Speex-dev] Speex Directshow filter can't play files with multiple frames in ogg packet

Sirish Bajpai sbajpai at 3clogic.com
Wed Dec 30 05:42:01 PST 2009


New to this list. So please excuse if this is already known or I am
commiting a newbie error.
I found the problem on a Windows XP system running Mediaplayer 11 and
oggcodecs_0.81.15562 installed.
I encoded a wav file using the speexenc program with nframes option set to
4. Anything above 1 causes the problem.
While speexdec could play the speex file back correctly, windows mediaplayer
could not.
The playback seems to be skipping frames.
VLC player is handling it correctly, but there is a general problem with it,
where it skips about 2-3 seconds of initial speech.

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