[Speex-dev] Recovery of Speex stream

Fedor Bobkov bobk-off at yandex.ru
Tue Dec 8 08:36:52 PST 2009

Good day,

  I want to use Speex codec for audio translation and now port it to
  AVR32. But during my experiments with Speex I see one trouble: very
  often I will not can to start stream reception from 1st frame.
  Therefore I have ugly sound quality at the beginning. I have idea to
  send some more information for data recovery in translation packets
  (I have 110 free bytes in each frame).

  What data from SBDecState structure decoder needs for each next
  frame? Or it need all data in this structure (in this case I will
  can not pack it in one packet).

Best regards,
  Fedor Bobkov

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