[Speex-dev] Speex echo cancellation: hi pass filtering? low latency?

Jakob Leben jakob.leben at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 07:13:37 PST 2009


I tried to use speex echo canceller for a live performance setup to cancell
feedback. My program buffers input until collecting a speex frame size of
samples, then calls speex_echo_cancellation passing this buffer as input
signal and previous speex output as echo signal, then immediately plays
current speex output.

First thing I noticed was huge high pass filtering. Then I found out there
is a way to tell speex echo canceller my sampling rate and that remedied the
filtering to large extent. I think the sampling rate setting should be
documented in the tutorial.

Is speex made with usage at sampling rate of 44.1kHz and above in mind

Secondly, there is still some hi pass filtering or at least coloration of
sound, depending on the frame size setting. The larger the frame size the
more low frequencies are passed through. Using frame size of 1024 samples at
44.1kHz sampling rate resulted in almost satisfactory output, though low
frequencies were noticably attenuated even at frame size of 2048 samples or

Is there a way to avoid this hi pass filtering while keeping smaller in-out
latency? Frame size of 20ms recommended in the tutorial is not very useful
for live performance. How much does speex target closed loop, live music

I understand that speex is probably designed primarily for small
communication devices with lower sampling rates and less demand for low

Nontheless, I must say that speex was one library that actually worked for
me and was effective in echo/feedback cancellation!

I tried to use some other adaptive filters (LMS and NLMS) the same way I am
using speex, but they didn't appear to do what I need. I was wondering
therefore, what type of adaptive filtering does speex use internally for
echo cancellation? Does the processing consist of more than only what is
traditionally called an adaptive filter?

Best regards,

Jakob Leben
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