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Oops, that's right, the file is 16-bit mono.  I use Goldwave to play the headerless files.  I am sure that you can force the settings in many other players.  If you want to work with wav files, then look at speexenc, speexdec, and wav_io in the /src directory.

The .dat file is just a sequence of encoded Speex 8kbps frames (20 bytes every 20ms).

- Jim

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  Hi all,

  I'm a begginer with DSP and i need your help and suggestions.
  I'm trying to use the Speex and a DSP DM642 to implement a solution with voice! I'm using the 1.2 beta 3 distribution and the TI's Code Composer Studio v3.1 simulator. I coosed speex_C64_test.pjt and modified the speex_C64_test.cmd to only use the DM642 external RAM memory.
  I'm not sure about the input file, the speex file and the output file formats. The README file refers that the input file is a headerless 16-bit stereo audio file, derived from the male.wav test file (http://www.speex.org/samples/male.wav). Is it correct? Or is it a headerless 16-bit mono audio? How can i listen the output file? is there any player to play it? Or do i have to reconstruct its header and add it to the output file? How can i do this?



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