[Speex-dev] Change target VBR on-the-fly?

Joshua Gargus schwa at fastmail.us
Fri Apr 11 12:57:46 PDT 2008

Hi there (from speex-dev newbie),

Is it possible to change the target VBR on the fly?  The application  
is a virtual world with multiple media types (voice, video, 3d  
interaction, VNC, etc.) where the total required bandwidth has high  
variability.  Sometimes we'll be able to spare 30kbps per speaker, and  
and other times we will need to restrict the bandwidth considerably.   
It would be a shame to always make the worst-case assumption, even  
though the bandwidth might usually be available.

I was going to ask if there are any other speech codecs (commercial or  
otherwise) that support this capability, but I guess not since Speex  
is the only one that supports VBR (according to http://speex.org/comparison/) 
.  Right?


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